As a result of working with me as your coach...

It occurred to me recently, that for someone who hasn’t yet experienced coaching, the whole thing may seem a bit odd. “How can just talking to someone make such a big difference? You don’t even tell me what to do!”

Getting a coach can be a big investment. It might seem daunting to pay for something that seems like you ‘should just be able to sort out yourself’, but there are so many benefits to coaching that make the investment worth it!

Here are a few guarantees I give all my clients…

  1. You will learn to listen to yourself more deeply

    Coaching really helps you hone in and listen to what’s going on under the surface. Whether it’s listening to the nagging thoughts that you’ve been ignoring, the emotions you’ve been suppressing, or the pain you don’t want to acknowledge, I will help you begin to gently listen, so as to understand and move forward.

  2. You will feel supported to explore your thoughts and feelings

    All this feeling business can be scary stuff! And sometimes we avoid or judge the internal thoughts we have that seem to pop up out of nowhere on a daily basis. I provide a safe, confidential space where we can explore those feelings together. We can look at how thoughts and feelings are serving you, and if they’re not, explore what you’d like instead.

  3. You will grow in confidence and build your self-esteem

    We take it step by step. You’ll never feel overwhelmed, but you’ll be gently challenged. We take it all at your pace, which means you grow in confidence as you notice your mindset shifting, and see yourself achieving what you thought was impossible. This builds your feelings of self-esteem. Coaching also helps you separate your thoughts, habits, and behaviour from the value you see in yourself as a person.

  4. You will be understood without judgement

    Coaching is a judgement free zone. Now I’m not saying people can be completely non-judgemental. It’s hard wired into us a humans to make judgements, but as a coach, I am not focused on me. I’m focused on you. It doesn’t matter what my opinion would be on the topic, or what I would do, we’re here to focus on you and enable you to gain understanding. Such a rare thing!

  5. You will be able to articulate what’s important to you, what you want, and be able to move towards it

    Often we know what we absolutely don’t want, but we haven’t formulated a proper idea of what we want. If we don’t know what we want, then it’s difficult to work towards it. I also make sure you know what’s really important to you. It’s no good chasing after someone else’s dream! Once we know what you truly value, we can be clear about what you want, and only then can we make plans towards it. I also help you enjoy the journey, not just the end goal.

  6. You will be able to notice your own limiting beliefs and what’s holding you back

    Coaching gives you those ‘light bulb’ moments. The “Oh, that’s why this feels so difficult for me” moments. I not only listen carefully to what you’re saying, but also to what you might not be saying. I reflect back patterns or language I notice, and challenge unhelpful assumptions you might be making. That means we quickly uncover what’s stopping you progress, and identify what needs to shift for real positive change to happen.

  7. You will be better equipped to deal with challenges and setbacks

    Things happen. That’s life. As a coach, I help you bounce back and learn from challenges you face, increasing your resilience each time. We also don’t ignore the reality of the situation. If your goals are overambitious and unmanageable, then we can rework and readjust to suit what’s going on for you right now. As someone who has personal experience dealing with very challenging circumstances and coming out the other side, I’m a partner who is there to help you in even the most difficult of circumstances.

  8. You will be able to identify untapped resources and opportunities previously undiscovered

    We sometimes think we’ve thought of everything. We get stuck and frustrated, thinking “there must be another way out!”, but no matter how hard we try, we can’t think of anything. By using effective questioning techniques, tools, and exercises, we can tap into creative, problem-solving methods and ideas. Suddenly, possibilities become endless, you become more resourceful, and opportunities are able to be grabbed with both hands.

  9. You will feel more comfortable living authentically

    “Just be yourself!” Some of the hardest advice to follow, right? We do all have a basic desire to be liked and loved for who we are authentically, warts and all, but we have to start with ourselves! Sometimes we hard to peel back the layers (the habits, the labels, the person we become when we’re with x) in order to find out who our authentic selves is. When the pressure is off, you can discover who you want to be and take steps towards truly being you.

  10. You will learn to treat yourself with compassion and acceptance

    Ouch, right? How many of us feel guilty for the way we treat ourselves? Feelings of shame and guilt can disrupt our best intentions and lead to a downward spiral of self-loathing. Through coaching, you can discover who you really are deep down, and by acknowledging and accepting your strengths and weaknesses, you can become more comfortable living with your behaviours and actions. You can get better at practising self-care and self-love, living at peace.


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