Change your environment...

My husband and I recently went for a few days wild camping in Scotland. No electricity, no people, no home comforts 😐

My comfort orientated usual self was determined to pack everything but the kitchen sink, making sure we wouldn’t be stuck in the middle of nowhere without everything we needed. I was saying to myself “I am the queen of planning, packing, and organising… I got this!”

But when we got there, something shifted.

Not only does nature not care about the fact that your blow up mattress has a puncture and so you’ll be sleeping on this tree root tonight, but nature doesn’t expect anything from you. No schedules, no goals, no opinions… just being. We tried to pretty much live without knowing what time it was, what was happening in ‘the real world’, and what we were going to do that day.

And let me tell you… it was so freeing!

It gave me some time to realise how little I need to make me happy, and how much I time I often spend caring about things that just don’t matter. “If I don’t get that post scheduled today, I won’t get any clients!”, “Maybe if I get this outfit, people will like me?”

Nature doesn’t care. It doesn’t care if you’re mucky and you’ve not showered in 3 days. It doesn’t care about the amount of likes you got on social media yesterday. It doesn’t care that you spent £40 on a foundation that minimises your pores. It just grows. And that rubbed off on me.

Letting myself go for days without checking my social media, looking in a mirror, or even showering, was just what I needed, and it made me think about what in my life I’m putting unnecessary focus on. It’s not that I can’t find meaningful value in social media, or that dolling myself up sometimes doesn’t make me feel great, or quite frankly, that maintaining personal hygiene isn’t important. It’s that when these things become so important that they become pillars with which your happiness and self-esteem rest on, something needs to shift.

So, this week I’m focusing my attention on what I need to let go of… expectation. Let’s see what happens…


Sarah x