Action first, motivation second...

It’s really easy to tell ourselves, “I’ll do that when I feel like it”, or “I’m not in the mood”, or “I can’t, I don’t feel motivated”.

The problem is, motivation doesn’t often just appear. Yes it’s true, sometimes we might wake up feeling motivated and raring to go, but on days where that isn’t the case (the majority of the time) we wonder why we can’t ‘just feel motivated’!

We’ve got it the wrong way around. Motivation comes after action. The act of doing can much more effectively get us ‘in the mood’ to do what we need to do. When we act, we override all that thinking about how we feel about doing the thing we want to feel motivated to do. Complicated isn’t it?!

What I’m saying is, as someone who has often experienced anxiety, I’ve struggled with motivation. I knew all the things I wanted to achieve, but when it came down to actually doing them, the anxiety took over and I just couldn’t seem to do it. Only on days where I was magically bestowed with motivation from the ‘Gods’ did I get anything done. Then, of course, once I’d proven to myself that I could do it when I wanted to, the feelings of guilt at not feeling motivated enough the rest of the time kicked in. Sound familiar?

We need to bypass um’ing and ah’ing about what we want/need to do, and as Shia LeBeouf would say “JUST DO IT!”. Once we get into a rhythm of action, motivation comes as a result! Now of course, there is a caveat. Listen to yourself. Be kind to yourself. Don’t force yourself to breaking point.

Gentle action, little and often, building slowly.

If you’re struggling to take action, there might be other things going on. Why not get some coaching to figure that out? 😉

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